About Us


Like Uber or Airdob, adz does not sell or offer products of its own. We market the products and services of other companies and we provide passionate and dedicated digital entrepreneurs access to a platform with a library of unbeatable offerings and a worldwide crowd.

Adz has a unique and empowering vision; to provide sustainable business opportunities for everyone. We have THE most powerful way to build an online business yet developed. We aim to democratise access to the opportunities offered by digital marketing on a global scale, while at the same time providing our community with a great way to participate in the fastest growing adz on the planet. Adz has major ambitions, as a world leader in online adz marketing, and we invite people with ambitions as big as ours to come with us on our journey.

Success Stories

Our crowd is truly international, truly worldwide, as diverse in backgrounds as it is united in aspiration and empowered in ambition. We are motivated by a passion for entrepreneurship and sales through network marketing. It is a passion for providing the highest quality products and services at fair prices, for providing prompt, professional and courteous service and for making a decent living through our own hard work and activity.

Adz offers a range of products and services for the Affiliate's own use or to re-sell. We supply Adz network Affiliates with a library of products, apps, websites and other services from our partners through the medium of Adz marketing.

Whether your interest is in online gaming and e-sports, lifestyle, travel or in the unrivalled Mindoe app that offers educational courses promoting professional and personal growth, our A-Store is full of things you will want, and want to promote to others.

Our Story

As one of the pioneers in digital Adz marketing, we at adz.today have no doubt that adz marketing is both sustainable and the online movement of the future.


ADZ.TODAY doesn't promise miracles, millions or guarantee you success. It's a way to take control of your life, be your own boss, work flexibly, where you want, how you want and even perhaps make a living for yourself. ADZ.TODAY is like a car our Affiliates can use to get where they want to go. We advise them how to drive responsibly, but how far they travel and how fast they get there is up to them.


Follow our extraordinary growth, keep up with the news and other information, which you'll find in our back office and stay up to date with ADZ on our Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.